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Program 2023

Program of Events 2023

In 2023, INNOPROM will focus on: "Sustainable production: strategies for updating"
All business program events, with the exception of the main strategy session, are open to all categories of exhibitors and visitors.
The global industry has been going through a challenging period: a serious pandemic and a breakdown in supply chains were followed by a breakdown in world order caused by the worsening political situation around Russia.

Manufacturers on every continent, from the largest multinationals to SMEs, are under pressure to find new ways of working with each other, ensuring continuity of supply and sustainability of production processes.

We can no longer think and work with traditional concepts and methods. The new vision includes a complete reformatting of business approaches, not only by updating the structure of production and partnership networks, but also by rethinking the basic principles of market work.
VIP participants have priority access to the main strategy session. The access procedure for other categories will be announced at a later date.


on issues of partnership and participation in the exhibition

Daria Chitarra
Deputy Program Director
Vasilii Tuganov
Business Program Manager
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