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Program 2024

Business Program — 2024

INNOPROM-2024 Main Topic: "Technology partnership: shaping the future"
Business program events, except for the Main Strategic Session, are open to all categories of participants and visitors of the trade fair
In the modern world, not a single industry product can be created by one manufacturer. The partnership of engineers and designers, manufacturers and consumers, logisticians, and consultants form a smart ecosystem that is set up for self-sustainment and development. Every year, Russia's main industrial trade fair produces new success stories of intersectoral and interregional cooperation, providing businesses with unlimited opportunities for business contacts.

In the 21st century, a critical success factor for any business is inclusion in international trade and production chains. Russian industrial companies, and not only the largest ones, manage to build an effective system of interaction with foreign partners from friendly countries. Domestic companies participating in INNOPROM continue to discover new markets, find new partners and investors. Delegations from dozens of countries around the world come to INNOPROM not only to purchase the latest equipment and machinery, but also to participate in discussions on the formation of the main industrial trends of the future.
VIP participants have priority access to the Main Strategic Session; access rules for other categories will be announced additionally.

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Vasilii Tuganov
Business Program Manager
Daria Chitarra
Deputy Program Director
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