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Industry: the Russian National Award for Industrial Achievements

applications were received
The winner will be announced at the Key Strategic Session, INNOPROM 2023, on July 10

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The deadline for applications was May 5. The Award Board members are currently evaluating the nominees.
The Top 5 nominees with the highest votes will be announced no later than June 13. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade will present the innovations created by the nominees at the INNOPROM 2023 event.
Project scope: product/technology applicability to other sectors, productivity, and competitiveness benefits.
Focus on the global market: the applicant’s actual presence on the global market, export revenue, and geographic coverage.
Engineering novelty: product benefits for the target industries, advantages over the existing solutions.
Economic benefits: the product/technology value for the end user, actual demand, and potential market size.

Evaluation criteria:

The award promotes the strategic priorities of the Russian national industrial policy both domestically and internationally.
In 2022, the award ceremony was a part of the Industrial Transformation: Success Stories Key Strategic Session, INNOPROM 2022, July 4. Denis Manturov, the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, presented a statuette and a diploma signed by Mikhail Mishustin, Russian Prime Minister, to Alexei Semenov, Chairperson of the Board, Geoscan Group.

Geoscan exhibited two UAVs made from 100% domestically manufactured components at the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Innovative Projects booth. Geoscan 401 UAV. The quadcopter is a versatile platform for such payloads as a lidar, camera, optical quantum magnetometer, or gamma-ray spectrometer for unmanned geological exploration. It is the only such vehicle manufactured in Russia. The UAV is exported. Gemini is a quadcopter with a regular or multispectral camera and a geodetic receiver for aerial photography of unexplored areas. It is the only such vehicle manufactured in Russia. The UAV is exported.

Nauka-Energotech, ReinnoLC, Kupper Group Management Company, and F2 Innovations are other Award nominees who also presented their products at the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s booth.

The Award Board members

  • Denis Manturov
    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry and Trade, Russian Federation
  • Artak Kamalyan
    Member of the Board (Minister) for Industry and Agriculture, Eurasian Economic Commission
  • Alexander Shokhin
    President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
  • Sergey Katyrin
    President, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Alexander Kalinin
    President, OPORA RUSSIA Russian Non-Governmental SMB Support Organization
  • Sergey Polyakov
    Director General, Innovation Promotion Fund
  • Veronika Nikishina
    General Director, Russian Export Center
  • Roman Petruta
    Director, Industry Development Fund
  • Igor Drozdov
    Chairman of the Board, Skolkovo Foundation
  • Sergey Plugotarenko
    General Director, Digital Economy
  • Vladimir Pastukhov
    General Director, Agency for Technology Development
  • Nonna Kagramanyan
    Vice President, Head, Executive Committee, Business Russia
  • Pavel Smelov
    Vice Director General, Center for Strategic Research
  • Alexey Borovkov
    Vice President for Digital Transformation, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Head, New Manufacturing Technologies Center, National Technology Initiative
  • Sergey Kortov
    First Vice President, Yeltsin Urals Federal University
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