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CMO is known globally in the industry and has been used for decades as first-class equipment, in particular by the most prestigious manufacturers of lifts and garage equipment, all over the world. The acquired know-how and the long manufacturing tradition allows CMO to design and realize products and components according to specific needs of the customer. In the 90’s CMO started its development and production of lifts and repair equipment for the automotive aftermarket sector. It successfully launched several innovative products such as “Service car Lift”-“Easy Lift”- “Spider Rolling Lift”. CMO has further launched other innovative and performing products on the market and has deposited several patents such as the portable lifting system “Twin Split” or as “Electropower" a battery tool for structural repair of vehicles, which allows to easily operate tractions and thrust on the frame, maneuver previously unthinkable without the help of very expensive and bulky straightening bench.
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