July 5, 2024

We are glad to invite you to the exposition of the Rostov region at INNOPROM-2024!

At this forum the region will present some advanced products of mechanical engineering, instrument making, new Russian computer equipment, as well as innovations in the field of industrial and fire safety.

Just in the recent period of time 50 new production facilities have been launched in the Rostov region, including the first full-cycle tractor plant in post-Soviet Russia, a transmission plant, production of microelectronics and computer equipment, the country's first polyester fiber plant, and others.

The conditions for implementing industrial projects in the Rostov region are among the best in the country. Industrial investors receive a significant package of preferences. Therefore, after putting an industrial facility into operation, investors are compensated from 50% to 80% of the costs of connecting to utility networks.

There are also industrial parks and technology parks in the region. In 2024, a special economic zone of industrial production type “Rostovskaya” was created. Because of the ready-made infrastructure in the special economic zone it is possible to launch new production facilities in record short period of time saving on costs. In addition to engineering subsidies, special economic zone residents receive tax, customs and other benefits. The development potential of the special economic zone “Rostovskaya” is 50 new production facilities in such industries as mechanical engineering, chemistry, petrochemistry, production of building materials, and others.

The Ministry of Industry and Energy of Rostov Region
Tel: +7 (863) 240-18-31

The Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region - A One Stop Shop for Investors
Tel: +7 (863) 250-10-45, 250-10-46, 250-10-47

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