July 2, 2024
Mari El at INNOPROM-2024
Mari El is preparing for the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair. A discussion of how the republic’s companies are going to participate in the fair's work took place at a meeting led by Acting Minister of Industry, Economic Development and Trade Vladimir Khalyuzin.

INNOPROM is a platform that brings together manufacturers and buyers from all over the world and provides new contacts and opportunities to businesses. This year the following companies will represent the republic at the fair - “Meta-chrome”, “Metma”, “Roskholod Impex”, “Evorus”, “Mechatronic systems”, “Technotech”, “Neon+”, “Sanda-M”, “OPKB Explomet” .

“We coordinate the fair participants on behalf of the ministry. The regional government provides financial support. We see that our industrial sector businesses are very active. The Republic of Mari El indeed has got a lot to present internationally,” Vladimir Khalyuzin stated.


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