BelAZ will tell about the ultimate innovation of this year at the main industrial forum of Russia

March 20, 2024
Fully electric 120-ton dump truck “BelAZ-7513E” with fast charging system will be presented in a video presentation format at the XIV International Exhibition INNOPROM, which will be held in July 2024 in Ekaterinburg.
This is a new generation of electric dump trucks. For the first time the plant presented a prototype of a mining machine, which is capable of operating only on battery power, two years ago - it was a 90-ton dump truck “BelAZ-7558E”. Based on the customers' demand to see such a vehicle in the 120-ton payload segment, BelAZ has created it!

Instead of a diesel engine, the 120-ton electric dump truck is powered by 26 lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 1,500 kW, organized in three power units. The vehicle has an average of 4 hours of travel time on a single charge when fully loaded and driving uphill. Fast charging time is only 30 minutes when the batteries are recharged to 80%.

It is estimated that BelAZ-7513E will be more efficient and cost-effective than its diesel version, which is a favorite in quarries. The truck is able to provide optimal cost of cargo transportation, reduce operating costs and reduce the amount of maintenance work on electric units. In addition, the operation of a battery-powered dump truck will noticeably improve the environmental impact in heavily polluted quarries - such a “green” vehicle produces zero exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

Dump trucks in the 110-140 tons payload class are among the best-selling: BelAZ holds 70% of the world market and is constantly expanding the model range of such machines with innovative developments. Recently, the world has been presented with hybrid dump trucks, including those powered by hydrogen, and a battery-powered dump truck will soon appear.

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