June 26, 2024

1С Company presents an expanded complex of solutions "1C:Corporation" in "INNOPROM-2024"

On July 8-11, 2024, 1C Company will take part in the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM-2024" as a partner of the event.
At the upcoming "INNOPROM-2024" exhibition in Yekaterinburg, 1C Company will be a business partner of the event and for the first time will present an expanded version of "1C:Corporation" which consists of solutions used jointly for digitalization of large enterprises, groups of companies and holdings.
The uniqueness of the complex lies in its wide deeply integrated functionality on unified platform that supports open source software and the domestic technology stack.
The core of "1C:Corporation" is "1С:ERP" solution used by 9 000 enterprises.
In the 1C DIGITAL ERP concept there are realized projects with technologies of the industrial Internet of Things, digital twins, machine learning and machine vision, virtual reality and others.
With the participation of companies "1C-Rarus" and "1C:First Bit”, there will be the success cases of implementation of management digitalization in industrial enterprises presented on the 1C Company stand.
Industrial robot will entertain visitors of 1C Company stand. You can compete in the accuracy of ball placement on the playing field in a game similar to "kulbutto".
We invite the participants of the exhibition to visit the 1C Company stand in Pavilion No. 2

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