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APEKS-EQUIP LLC 17A Kosmonavtov Avenue, Korolev, Moscow region, 141075, room V, office 22 Phone: (495) 981-96-19 Email address: benkovskaya@apeks-equip.ru Website: www.apeks-equip.ru The company "APEKS-EQUIP" is the exclusive official representative of well-known world brands - " KSK Precise Motion "(Czech Republic), " Baruffaldi S. p. a "(Italy), "HESTEGO a. s." (Czech Republic), "Astos Machinery a. s." (Czech Republic), etc. Kopania is famous for the impeccable work of its specialists, who will assist in the selection of the necessary type of equipment and a comprehensive solution to all production issues. "APEKS-EQUIP" provides a full range of services for the purchase and delivery of equipment, reliability and confidentiality guarantee help to form relationships based on full trust and mutual understanding.
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