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Logistics of International Trade. Challenges and Prospects

Theme track
Industrial Logistics
11 July
10:00 - 11:30
Congress center, HALL 3

Discussion questions:
- The main type of export / import transported. Volumes. Current position. Customs regulation;
- Automobile transport corridors. Requirements for vehicles and staff. Problems and solutions;
- Railway transport corridors. Problems with cash registers. Solutions;
- Electronic document management, declaration, invoices. Interaction of Russian Railways with customs.

Moderator: Pavel Vorotkov, Analyst, Investment Promotion Agency, Sverdlovsk Region.

— Georgii Shpreier, Leading Specialist, Association of International Road Carriers, Ural Branch; 
— Georgii Vlastopulo, CEO, Optimalog Group;
— Nikita Pushkarev, Director of Railway Logistics, Global Ports Group;
— Ilya Davydov, Executive Director, Ural Union of Timber Manufacturers;
— Pavel Maslennikov, Director for Сongress and Exhibition Activities, Trasko; Deputy Chairman of the SUCCI Committee on Transport and Logistics; Member of the SUCCI Committee on Foreign Economic Activities .

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