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In Search of Robotization Drivers in Russia

Theme track
International Symposium on Robotics
6 July
10:00 - 11:30
Congress center, HALL 3.9

All over the world, the use of robotics increases the efficiency of production and business processes, improves the working conditions and life quality. The average global level of robotization is 113 robots per 10 000 workers, while in Russia, it amounts to only 6, which is close to the figures Japan had back in 1984. At the same time, Russian developers and programmers are considered highly skilled professionals and are sought-after by foreign companies. 
What is holding back the development of robotics in Russia? How to make working in Russia attractive for the best brains? How to stimulate the robotization of manufacturing and the use of robots in various sectors of the economy? How to promote the transition from R&D to products and their practical application? How should the approach to development of robotics in Russia change in order to unlock the country's intellectual and economic potential? Does Russia need a strategy for the development of robotics? 

- Mikhail Ivanov, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
- Vadim Medvedev, Director of the Department for Innovation and Advanced Technologies, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
- Evgenia Shilyaeva, Project Manager, Industry Development Foundation
- Alexander Lopota, Director-Chief Designer, RTK Central Research Institute
- Alexander Parshikov, Head of Department for Robotisation Technologies and 3D Printing, Gazprom Neft
- Oleg Pluchshik, CEO, OMRON Electronics in Russia and CIS
- Pavel Rastopshin, managing director, Tsifra
- Alexey Yuzhakov, Chairman of Board of Directors, Promobot
- Dmitry Kapishnikov, General Director, Kuka Russia
- Alexander Yashkin, General Director, FANUC Russia
- Roman Timofeev, Deputy Director, Robowizard
- Alexander Novosyolov, Head of Robotics Department, ABB
- Andrey Vorobyev, Head of Product Promotion, Industrial Automation Unit, Mitsubishi Electric
- Konstantin Ivanov, Head of Government Relations Department, JSC URALCHEM
- Bogdan Ragulin, Head of Innovation Center, Advisor to Rector of MTUCI
- V.I. Voronov, MTUCI
- Anatoly Perepelitsa, CEO of URTC Alpha-Intech

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